The Largest Outpatient Medical Imaging Center in Arizona

SimonMed® Imaging, Inc.

SimonMed® is one of the most advanced and specialized diagnostic imaging providers, with over 60 locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Nebraska and Nevada. SimonMed® has always been a leader in the field of radiological services, especially when it comes to comprehensive women’s imaging. Many of the SimonMed® facilities offer digital mammography technology, stereotactic, ultrasound guided and MRI guided breast biopsy and the newest and most advanced mammography technology - 3-D breast tomosynthesis.

SimonMed® is also leading the way with state-of-the-art MRI technology. Our patients have access to the newest MRI technologies, including 3T Wide Bore MRI scanners which are ideal for those patients who are claustrophobic or are larger in stature. SimonMed® also has numerous 3T MRIs, the scanner of choice for many conditions such as aneurysm workups and MS, as well as several 1.5T and 1.2T high field Open MRI.

SimonMed® is a physician-based practice with one of the most experienced and largest group of subspecialty trained radiologists in the country. All of our SimonMed® facilities are accredited testing sites with certified technologists and equipment, and we are ACR certified.